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LSRL provides in-house materials characterization for routine measurements, and outsourced characterization for a wide-range of measurements.

In-house capabilities include:

  • FTIR for epi thickness
  • Four-point probe for sheet resistance (CDE Resmap)
  • Interference-Contrast microscopy (Nikon Optiphot) and bright-light for wafer inspection
  • Laser particle scanning (Tencor Surfscan)
  • Wafer shape and thickness measurement
  • SIMS (Secondary-Ion Mass Spectrometry- Atomika 4500) for elemental depth profiling
  • Spreading resistance (SSM 150) for depth profiling of carriers, thickness, and junction characterization
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for roughness and step-height measurements

LSRL is a Gold-Member Industrial Associate of the Leyroy Eyring Center for Solid State Science, which offers a very wide variety of materials characterization services.

See: https://le-csss.asu.edu/